My regular reader will know by now that I don’t do the visual. I write. I’m a writer. Plus I’m a cheapskate so I’m stuck with these cheap* WordPress themes. I would love this to be a blue and white stripy extravaganza that looks as good as it reads and reads like something almost professional. Maybe next season.


Luckily a friend of mine from the Twittersphere, Anthony James aka @seagullsanty, knows how to do the visual and the writy thing and how to talk bloggers, former website owners, ex Albion players and stars of You Tube in to helping him, by clubbing them over the head and holding them in his dungeon until they acquiesce**.

** being really nice to them.

Anthony has therefore used these skillz to set up the magnificent and it is here that many of my ramblings will be published this season. Not only does it look much better but it removes the tyranny of blogging every single week from me because, frankly, this season, I’m going to be too busy with real life to do that.

I will update here when I can but I may not every week, When I do I’ve said he can copy it straight over to there too. There will be posts on there that aren’t on here such as my Sheffield Wednesday preview which you should all go away and read now.

In the meantime I’ve thrown you the bone of updating from last year’s free theme to this year’s cheap theme***.

*** still free.

Oh, and as a very unsubtle reminder YOU CAN STILL BUY THE E-BOOK OF LAST SEASON







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