Get Brighton But Only At Home On Your Kindle!

Yes that’s right, you can now pay for me! I know. I’m so good to you. For the measly sum of £2.40 – that’s LESS than an Amex Pie – you can buy the story of last season as I saw it here as an e-book:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Ah you say – but I’m reading this for free right now. Why should I pay 30p more than your son’s daily lunch money for the pleasure? The answer is because I taken these here posts and added to them. The content has been knitted together with previously unpublished material to make a story. Don’t believe me? Here’s the blurb from the Amazon site.

“Brighton But Only At Home is a blog that covered the story of Oscar Garcia Junyent’s only season in British football as coach of Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club. However, since the author has a young family and is banned on pain of divorce, or worse, broccoli for dinner, from attending away games, it is only HALF the story.

While Oscar, Nathan and the lads were slaving away in Wigan or Leicester or Watford (ok, not Watford) I was most likely slaving away over sausages, chips and beans or standing on some Lego. There was the odd dodgy stream, radio commentary and TV game for sure but there were days when I was herded in to a room by the children or crippled by their latest gastric present.

I was there for home games though. More or less every one. And when not watching I was scouring social media and message boards for club information, writing posts and approaching random strangers in an attempt to answer the question “just when will Oscar say something interesting”?

This book takes my posts, my fanzine articles and my rants and knits them together in to the chronological story of the very odd 2013/14 season. While some content was up on the blog this book contains a lot of new material to turn it in to a story.

Or stories. Stories of an ordinary fan. How DID that Palace defeat feel? Was football really better in the 80s and 90s? What emotions does the January transfer window put you through? What happens when there are seven minutes left of the first half and your son needs a dump? Or when you “accidentally” drink so much Merlot you listen to the wrong game on the radio?

It also includes inside information on why Oscar will not, perhaps, be missed as badly as some feared.”

So there you have it.

*gets on knees and begs*

*turns you upside down to get the change out of your trousers*