Are You a Super Fan a JCL or a Plastic?

As we all know Brighton fans can only possibly fit in to one of three categories. Super Fan, JCL or Plastic. So which are you? Take our simple test now!

1) Johnny Byrne is:

a) A mullet haired striker who had an uncanny rapport with the fans

b) A commentator on Seagulls Player

c) The bloke who sits on the last bar stool in the Rose and Crown and drinks Guinness during televised Chelsea matches

2) Gillingham is:

a) A shit hole with one good pub, terrible stands and an absolute sod to get to by train

b) Where we had to play for a couple of seasons in the nineties

c) Do you mean Gillingham Kent or Gillingham Dorset?

3) Have you ever heard of Kit Napier?

a) Yes

b) I think I’ve read about him

c) Is he the bloke who flogged me this Volvo?

4) The South Stand is

a) The area opposite the North that was never as good as it, started off standing and ended up seated after a fire

b) That awful temporary stand at Withdean that was exposed to the elements, thank God we only went once

c) Cardiff’s singing section I should think. Yes. Definitely.

5) When I say the colours red and blue together what’s the first thing that comes to your mind football wise?

a) The Palace scum

b) Barca

c) That season when Man U had a blue away kit

6) Archer

a) Absolute scum

b) Sounded like a terribly nasty man in those book though his DIY stuff was nice and cheap.

c) Olympic athlete who competes with a bow and arrow

7) Port Vale is:

a) Best reached from Longport station which you can get to for opening time if you leave Brighton before 6 am

b) Mickey Adams’ new club

c) A potential banana skin for Premier League teams in the FA Cup

8) Our special relationship with Doncaster is because of

a) The last game at the Goldstone and their subsequent suffering of a similar fate to us Chairman wise

b) That opening day win at the Amex

c) Having the same burger supplier

9) Complete the song: “he shot, he scored, he must be…..”

a) Peter Ward

b) Stephen Ward

c) Sod off I don’t do singing

10) International football…….

a) Came to the Goldstone with that England Under 21 game and again when Gazza played for England B

b) Is played at Wembley

c) Is the best thing on TV and I like to watch it with my friend Gerald in the Puking Nanny, partly to get away from the wife


Score five points for each a.

Three points for each b.

One point for each c.

50 points – you are the ultimate super fan. You are Attila crossed with the GDC. Have a biscuit.

31 – 49 – you seem quiet normal. Have a biscuit

30 points – Hmmm

Under 30 – you are probably reading the wrong blog………..





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