To Leeds, with Pete, upon the Costa bus

One April Saturday to see the game

A normal morning’s trip for all of us

But after which it wouldn’t be the same


A traffic jam confines our crew

Upon the inside land of the M1

The next coach – Leeds – say “I’m having you”

And do a slitty throat mime just for fun


A bigger game’s to happen just South East

An FA Semi when they still meant owt

Liverpool and Forest form the piece

And Liverpool will win without a doubt.


Their fans were in the smaller end

Think now that wasn’t supposed to be

A terror crush – and no the fence won’t bend

It stops the game at seven mins past three


“Match stopped at Hillsborough – pitch full of fans”

Says Leeds PA – it seems so very weird

“Crowd trouble” says the tannoy man

And so the heartless bastards cheered


The cheers soon turn to disbelief and fright

The awful truth begins to dawn

Fans who won’t go home that night

Ninety Six to mourn


A silent coach trip back – too long

No one knows what to say

Normally there’d be a song

But coming in I make my father’s day


The Sun and Thatcher try to smear the fans

To lie, to cover and to spread ill will

In Liverpool that hateful rag is banned

They know the victims died thanks to Old Bill


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