Huddersfield – More Damp Squib Than Christmas Cracker

I didn’t bother writing up the Middlesboro game as it was being played at the same time as I had my  Christmas get together with my mum’s side of the family. My following of the game consisted of me and my brother sneakily checking our iPhones for the score a couple of times and pulling satisfied smiles when full time came around.

Huddersfield was going to be different though. Huddersfield was a good chance of a win. It was a Christmas drink with old friends. It was grown men in Santa outfits (I’m looking at you Simon). It was…a bit meh really.

I blame the PA announcer. Still recovering from being corpsed when reading out the teams by a missing photo of Ince and the subs’ pictures flying by at light speed he then said ‘get ready for a Christmas cracker’. If every anything was more likely to make a game end 0-0 this was it (after all I write as someone who credited Chaos Theory with beating Blackburn). 0-0 it was and afterwards I condemned it as workmanlike and average. It seems not everyone agrees.

It’s true there were stand out performances. Bruno was still Old Bruno. The man put on the performance of the day on either side. Apparently only the sponsors didn’t notice. Spanish Dave was also Old Spanish Dave and the link up play on the right between the two was sublime. Unfortunately this meant Buckley wasn’t on the right and this meant he spent most of the game going missing. One can only hope it was return-from-injury-itis. The centre backs were once again as solid as Rohan Ince and Chuck Norris hiding behind a steel fence. Ward had his moments, good and bad.

There were several words to describe Huddersfield including, but not limited to, organised, dirty, negative, unable to shoot and boring. Again some on social media haven’t agreed but that’s the way I saw it and that’s the way I’m calling it.

Most teams this season will now come to the Amex for a point. It is credit in a way to what Oscar and Poyet have achieved over the last two seasons but there are going to be games where we struggle to break these teams down. It most certainly doesn’t help when you miss two gilt edged chances and sadly Barnes did, having been down as my most improved player of the last couple of months. He missed an open goal when the ball rebounded to him too quickly and bouncily (opinion was split afterwards between ‘he couldn’t react in time’ and ‘a natural finisher would have reacted in time’ – I’m in the first camp) but how he missed a clear and unmarked header from about three yards I will honestly never know.

That was it for goalmouth action though. Two chances all game, badly muffed, while at the other end Sexy Pete was barely called on.

Not a huge disappointment. Nothing to get worried about. Other results went for us too. But combined with the PA cock up and the fact there were no staff left to pour beer after the game, rather putting a dampener on the Christmas drink, it was all nothing to write home about. Which is why this is short.


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