QPR Away – all a bit of a blur

I don’t watch football I really care about in pubs much any more because the nerves involved lead to me drinking very, very fast. The last England game I saw in the pub I probably spent as much time at the bar as watching and that’s with ‘double parking’. On Sunday it was quite fortunate I had the children and was therefore stone cold sober.

Yesterday however will not go down as one of the best of my life. In fact I think it cost me about three grand all in. Yes, three thousand pounds. Three bags of sand. A lot of money.

First the clutch and fly-wheel went in our car. Then our house buying chain finally collapsed leaving us with mortgage and solicitors bills and nowhere to move to. So I decided to open the wine.

Then I realised our game was on radio. To be fair I must have been drinking fairly quickly already because I spent a deal of time listening to the Arsenal game, having not been able to tell the difference between Radio 5 Live and Radio 5 Live Extra. However, with the correct channel finally located I proceeded to listen to a QPR only commentary from whoever it was who doesn’t get Champions League games and an ex Palace player with an agenda.

This in turn had me convinced we were about to be turned over at any time. So I got nervous. And drank faster. This had the rather pleasant effect of making me care less about the game with each passing minute before deciding, at full time, that a 0-0 draw at QPR was possibly the greatest result ever. I bounded* to bed.


This morning it still looks like a good result however. I still fully expect QPR to be up there at the end of the season. What’s more Keith Andrews who I wasn’t AT ALL sure about seems to have done sterling defensive work while we wait for Bridders to return. I’m happy when players prove me wrong because they’re good.

Now we have Bolton at home. Bottom Bolton. Bolton who could sack Dougie if we win. Bolton who we OWE for that travesty last season, the draw they pinched when had it been a boxing match they would have been stopped in the sixth and taken straight to hospital. I suspect I will have a couple of ales beforehand but certainly not a whole bottle of Australia’s finest. I can’t afford it.


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